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Dr. Munarov utilizes the latest technology in helping him treat patients.  The VATECH Green CT 2 scanner allows him to take a 3D X ray of the patient and visualize vital structures such as nerves and sinuses in the area of planned surgery.  The 3D images/ 3D X rays are useful in dental implant treatment planning, treatment of pathology, exposure of impacted teeth, as well as for extractions of wisdom teeth that are in close proximity to nerves.  The CT scanner used in our office provides a radiation dosage lower than that of 2 Dimensional imaging units, while at the same time providing high quality 3D images/ 3D X Ray. We can further lower the radiation dose by taking an image of the specific area of interest instead of the entire jaw.  Our CT scanner is FDA cleared for pediatric uses.  Contact Manor Oral Surgery to find out more information about our state of the art 3D X ray unit. 



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