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IV sedation is indicated for patients who have anxiety or fear of having oral surgery procedures performed in the dental setting.  IV sedation can be safely performed in our office for any oral surgery procedure including wisdom teeth removal, mouth biopsy, dental implant placement for your comfort.  Dr. Munarov will evaluate to see if you are a candidate for IV sedation during your consultation visit.  You will be asked to refrain from food for 8 hours prior to sedation and come to your appointment with an adult that can drive you home.  During the procedure, monitors are placed to evaluate your blood pressure, breathing, pulse, and heart rhythm.  An IV is then started and medications are given to relax you, make you drowsy, and sedate you.  Local anesthetic is then administered and the procedure is performed.  At the completion of the procedure you will then be awakened and taken to the recovery room.  Once you are fully recovered, you will be released home.  For more information on anesthesia please see the following video



Please click here for pre operative instructions for anesthesia/ IV sedation 

Please feel free to give our office a call with any questions or concerns about IV sedation



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