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There are times where a tooth may be impacted or not erupted.  To allow for proper placement of an unerupted tooth into the dental arch, it may need to be surgically exposed and brought into the arch with the help of orthodontics or braces.  The most common teeth to be impacted are canine teeth, second molars, and premolars. 


An orthodontist will make a referral for you to see Dr. Munarov for exposure of the impacted tooth.  Dr. Munarov will then see you for a consultation and go over the treatment options as well as risks and benefits associated with the procedure.  During the surgery visit, Dr. Munarov will expose the impacted tooth and bond a bracket with a gold chain to allow the orthodontist to bring the tooth into the dental arch.  After approximately 2 weeks, the orthodontist will attach a rubber band to the gold chain and the archwire to bring the tooth into alignment.  The process to bring the tooth into the arch may take anywhere from months to a year depending on the difficulty and degree of the impaction.  After the tooth is brought into the dental arch and aligned, the gum tissue around the tooth will be re-evaluated.  There are times when a patient may need a gingival/gum graft after surgical assisted eruption of an impacted tooth.

Please feel free to give our office a call with any questions or concerns about exposure of impacted teeth.



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